THE MENTALIST - Jisbon landscapes

3x02, cackle-bladder blood.

teresatrustme-deactivated201408 asked:
"following you :)"

Thank you :)

glamcrazyrandom asked:
"I want Jane and Lisbon together so much it hurts ;)Like I want to cry. And all the cute moments on this blogs isnt making it any easier. Love you blog regardless :)"

I know! I also feel like crying because the situation is terrible, especially not knowing if the show is actually going to be cancelled or not. I think that it puts extra pressure on the whole thing. I really hope that the show will be picked up for another season, not necessarily by CBS but ABC, TNT, TBS or any other channel that values viewership and actually cares for TM to be the most popular crime show to ever exist. 

But I totally feel you on the Jisbon front and considering all spoilers going around, I am very nervous about the season finale and honestly, I don’t know what to think of it. So, I’m joining the cryers group.

And thank you so much for your kind words about my blog! :) I try to keep it up to date with pictures which is hard sometimes but I decided to keep it spoiler free. Thanks! :)

You’re a little bit in love.


Photo series I loved best in The Mentalist 6x16 Violets..